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SHARON Alcalay-Leibovici

 “Amazing! ”, “Soulful” , “A star! ”, “ Full of heart, love & joy... ” these are just a few words to describe Sharon after experiencing one of her concerts. With a repertoire of Broadway show tunes, nostalgic beautiful love songs, radio light pop & famous country tunes to Disney princess songs & Jewish Cantorial pieces, Sharon takes you on a musical journey with her amazing crystal clear angelic voice.

    Sharon left New York to attend Tel Aviv University, earning a B.A. in Theater Arts, Drama Therapy and Directing. While attending Tel Aviv University, Sharon also attended the Rimon School of the Arts, an extension of Berkley College School of Music in Ramat Hasharon Israel. She majored in Voice and Vocal Performance. Throughout her time in Israel, Sharon performed all over the country in all venues from formal shows to Army bases. Sharon met her future husband, Jacob, and ultimately re-settled in South Florida, 24 years ago.

    Sharon has performed at venues throughout Israel, South Florida, Chicago, and New York. 22 years ago Sharon released a children's CD and workbook entitled, Hebrew in Song, with 21 original recordings designed to bring the joy of Hebrew language to our youth through Music. Sharon taught and directed drama and musical theater at Hillel Day School and Yeshiva High School of Boca Raton Florida.

    For the past 22 years, she has been freelancing as a Cantor, Performer, Singer, Cantorial soloist & Music teacher & director. In addition she’s been conducting High Holy Day services & Passover seders at Boca Pointe yearly for the last 22 years where she is their Cantor. She continues to perform all over south Florida in all sorts of venues. She is currently the cantorial soloist for Temple Beit Shira in Pinecrest, Miami. She is also performing every week in “The Florida Love Show.”

Sharon’s voice is like an angel gracing the earth, bringing joy to the world.