​Manee Valentine

​Actor – Vocal Stylist – High end Entertainer - Song Designer - Music Publisher - Producer

International Crooner Manee Valentine, also known as “the voice from the heart”, was born one fateful 14th of February, on Valentine’s Day. It is no wonder that he has made it his mission in life to sing about what else, but love!

Enthralled with the world of music, started singing and writing at a very early age. Valentine’s standard of excellence was set from the beginning, listening to such masters as Johnny Mathis, James Darren, Tony Bennett, Dean Martin, Bobby Darin and of course the chairman of the board Mr. Frank Sinatra.

Valentine received national exposure in all three major networks CBS, NBC & ABC and made the headlines in all regional newspapers as well as a nationwide coverage by USA TODAY, for winning the Diet Pepsi contest; “You have the Right One Baby, Uh Huh!, with Ray Charles

Award winning composer and 2 time participant in the renown, OTI Festival de la Cancion.

Valentine’s release of Happy Valentine is a favorite play over radio & internet radio around the world every Valentine’s Day season. This song has become as significant to Valentine’s Day as Happy Birthday is to birthdays or Feliz Navidad is to Christmas.

Creative Director of 7Notas Music Designers & Publishing. Has an uncanny and natural ability to create lyrics and melody for his original songs. He specializes in adapting and translating popular songs, including standards and current hits.

As an affiliated songwriter with BMI, he has registered over 200 songs including, among others “Colder than before”, “I feel the beat”, “Inevitable”, “Jazzy” the Great American Songbook song and “Ay Elian”. This popular Latin song generated a huge response in Miami when Elian Gonzalez, the Cuban rafter boy, was sent back to his country.

An active participant and official member of the (SHOF) “Songwriters Hall of Fame” in the American and Spanish versions (LSHOF) “Latin Songwriters Hall of Fame” with producers and songwriters like Desmond Child and Rudy Perez to name a couple.

Whether interpreting a romantic ballad or singing to the beat of a swing, critics and peers agree that Manee Valentine distinguishes himself as one of the premier vocal stylists/song designers in the World. The perfect balance of sophisticated writing and velvety voice techniques makes Valentine a favorite performer with fervent fans that will span generations. Valentine solidifies his place in the music industry telling us the story of people around the world loving Jazz and Big Band for generations. With his great stage presence and styling songs in several languages always pleases the audience with memories and emotions as “the voice from the heart”.



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