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Liz Sharp

Liz Sharp- is a force to be reckoned with…she’s multi-talented singer with a wide range of vocal styles as a direct result of growing up around exceptionally gifted parents and siblings in the arts and the music business..

With mother Iris, a jazz singer and painter and father Fred Sharp an established Cleveland guitarist and jazz historian, Fred Sharp before he met Iris and performed with her he traveled with some of the earliest touring bands in the 1940’s.

Among her other talented siblings, her brother Todd closely followed in their parents footsteps too. Picking up the guitar at age 8 and joined the Hall and Oats group by age 19. Later achieving legendary status, touring, and writing with and for notables like Rod Stuart, Delbert Mclinton, Fleetwood mac and many more.

Surrounded by the sounds of Jazz from her parents influences and Blues and Rock from her brothers influences Liz wound up with a very eclectic mix of musical tastes and vocal stylings. Along with some coaching from her mom and some outside instruction she was singing in clubs by age 21. She’s been described as a chameleon in the way that she delivers a song with versatility and strength because it’s how she feels it at the moment. If it feels edgy or smooth or gritty or improvisational she has the tools to delivery her message to your core. Be it sweet, gritty, smooth or heart breaking. You never know exactly what she’s going to do up there vocally and neither does she and this is what fuels her energetic stage persona as she interacts with the band and with the audience she’s very refreshing and approachable.

A bit more backround- In high school Liz was singing and acting in school performances and bands and drawn to modern dance, musical theater, playing guitar, and art.  Liz began singing her original songs on guitar in local clubs and coffee houses at age 20, in addition to earning a Bachelor’s in Fashion Illustration in 1980 from the Cooper school of art.

Gradually Liz sought out local jazz musicians to sing with and continued to book her own groups in premier clubs and restaurants. She opened for such notables as Henny Youngman when she was 22, and sang on voice-overs, jingles and demos in the Cleveland area through the 80’s.

At age 24, knowing she had talent, experience, good looks and guts, Liz left for New York and for the next two years performed at various clubs and showcases while paying the rent with various fashion design oriented jobs.  Liz tried her luck as an opening act at the New York Comedy Club "Catch a Rising Star" where she landed a steady engagement there as well as in various clubs in the village. 

After careful consideration, though, Liz decided that Los Angeles was more suited to her lifestyle and her dual career aspirations. For the next four years, she acquired club work, performed in showcases and worked on her acting abilities in the Los Angeles area.

Liz's design career led her into the animation industry when she became employed at Marvel Productions as a model designer and storyboard artist in the mid-80s.  She received two Emmy awards for her contributions to the show "Muppet Babies".

As fate would have it, Liz has been residing in South Florida and enjoying a busy career singing for the past 20 years. Her bookings are handled through several agency sources, but she's always looking for new opportunities to perform in clubs, corporate events and recording sessions.