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From Cleveland Ohio Liz Sharp grew up in an exceptionally musical and artistic family. With mother Iris, a jazz singer and painter and father Fred Sharp a Cleveland guitar institution and jazz historian they in the mid teenage years worked the club circuit together and Fred traveled with some of the earliest touring bands in the 1940’s.

Among her other talented siblings, her brother Todd closely followed in their parents footsteps too and he picked up the guitar at age 10 and joined the musicians union at age 16. He was touring with Hall and Oats at 19 and later achieving legendary status, touring, and writing with and for notables like Rod Stuart, Delbert Mclinton, Fleetwood mac and many more.

Surrounded by the sounds of Django Reinhardt, Jobim, Billy Holiday from her parents influences to Eric Clapton, BB King and Jimmi Hendrix from her brother Todd. Liz hit the ground running with an eclectic mix of influences in her vocal styling to hit the ground running with..

Starting out at age 21 Booking herself and her bands into premier clubs opening for notables like Henny Youngman, Spiro Giro and singing on Jingles through out Cleveland, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and on to South Florida in the decades ahead she has enjoyed a very rich and diverse singing career.

She’s been described as a chameleon in the way that she delivers a song with versatility and strength because it’s how she feels it at the moment. If it feels edgy or smooth or gritty or improvisational she has the tools to delivery her message to your core. Be it sweet, gritty, smooth or heart breaking. You never know exactly what she’s going to do up there vocally and neither does she and this is what fuels her energetic stage persona as she interacts with the band and with the audience she’s very refreshing and approachable.


Chris Janes was born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky. but moved to South Florida in the early 1980's. Chris participated in numerous beauty and scholarship pageants as a young lady and on into college.Chris Janes is a polished and sultry vocal stylist who entertains and delights her audiences every time! Chris has appeared at numerous venues in South Florida From September’s Night Club (Ft. Lauderdale) Timpano’s (Ft. Lauderdale) Pete’s Restaurant & Bar (Boca Raton), The Boca Raton Resort and Beach Club ,Vino’s Wine & Tapas Bar (Boca Raton) Café Europa, The Breaker’s Hotel (Palm Beach) The Marriot Hotels and the Ritz Carlton Hotels. Chris has an instantly recognizable vocal quality…. a voice that resonates with a silky, beautiful expression and sensitivity. She combines her techniques to include a powerful, emotional and honest delivery in her lyrical interpretations and Now as the "Charming Cherry “Lollipop she is delighting audiences with her renditions of these 1960's Super Hits!


Susan Jorgensen has resided in South Florida since 1984. Her childhood dream was always to become a professional singer, however she became instead, a Master Barber of more than 30 years and owner of several Barber shops. Her dream of becoming a professional singer amazingly came to fruition and she has been performing in the South Florida area for many
venues, shows and private parties.

NOW!! Susan is the newest member of the sweettarts! Passionate Plum has a sound that will take you back to a time in musical history where the music was filled with Sunshine Lollipops & Rainbows. Susan's voice is haunting, beautiful and there is a sincerity in her voice that is a rare find! You';re going to LOVE this Passionate Plum sweettart.