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Debbie Sue Goodman

Debbie Sue Goodman is a comedian, an actress, a published author, lyricist/vocalist/impressionist, and has appeared in many comedy clubs, theaters, libraries, bookstores, charity events and cable TV shows. Debbie Sue has also made numerous guest appearances on Chicago TV & radio stations, various author appearances and book signings. Her latest novel is titled, "My Husband the Stranger." Numerous articles have been written about her books in local newspapers.

Debbie Sue has appeared with her mom in many movies filmed in Chicagoland in the early 1980s and 1990s, and appeared in many plays at local Chicagoland theaters. Debbie Sue performs the part of a single daughter in her latest play she wrote the screenplay for titled, "Dating Dilemmas." It is based on Debbie Sue's humorous books "Still Single" and "Still Dating". She writes a dating advice column titled, 'Ask Debbie Sue'. Debbie Sue won a "Red Silk Carpet Award" an Oscar-related award for 'Best Comedian.'