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We appreciate you taking the time to allow us the opportunity to introduce you to an amazing international Jazz Artist, whom you may already know, over the years has become known as "The Velvet Voice Of Our Time."

Born In Philadelphia, Pa. A nostalgic baby with a song in his heart and a bounce in his feet, out to touch hearts and bring about smiles. From the playpen of the late 50's to the stages of the early 90's he discovered a gift that brings back the more positive images, of music that left behind a lasting impression on music lovers, the world over, since the days of wine and roses. 

We are the proud home of the international vintage classic jazz artist, Darrell Cole aka "Sir Cole." He happens to be the Endorsed most Authentic Tribute Artist in the world, of the Legendary Nat King Cole by the Nat King Cole Society.

Mr. Cole captures the pure essence of passion that once swept the world off it's feet in the 20th Century and now even today. He carries what is believed to be one of the heaviest and most prestigious torches ever carried in over 50 years. He is known for not only his identical look and sound, but also the astounding resemblance in character personification with the ability to captivate an audience, with his quick wit and timely phrasing, the stage is his home. So listen with your heart as Sir Cole brings back the memories for tomorrow and immortalizes the Legendary Nat King Cole today as "UNFORGETTABLE."

Well Versed in over 600 vintage classic jazz standards from "The Great American song Book as well as multilingual recordings, from "Cole En Espanol." His performances are backed by either Jazz Quartet, Quintet or Big Band Orchestra. 


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